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What is polar equation for a Heptagon ? I need to move some Android views in the form of a heptagon, for i need to have polar equations for Heptagon like for x= rSine(Theta) and y=rcos(theta).

is it possible to have polar equation for a heptagon too ?

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You solution lies here –  SweetWisher シ May 6 at 10:02
Its 6 sided, it would be great i could get it for 7 or 8 sided polygon ! –  Charan Pai May 6 at 10:04
then have a look here –  SweetWisher シ May 6 at 10:06

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A general formula for a regular polygon of radius $r$ with $n$ sides, denote $c_n = \cos(\pi/n)$, $s_n = \sin(\pi/n)$ and

$$f_n(x+iy) = \left||rs_n - |y|| - (rs_n - |y|)\right| + |x-rc_n|$$

then your polygon is given by

$$\prod_{k = 0}^{n-1} f_n\left(e^{-\frac{2 i k \pi}{n}} (x+iy)\right) = 0$$

(For heptagone $n = 7$).

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I need polar equations :( in terms of Theta –  Charan Pai May 6 at 11:20

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