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I am testing the casio FX-85WA calculator to solve equations, so I am trying to solve a very simple one: $2x-1=3$. But I am unable to input the equal sign, as it puts the result. I've seen others calculators have the calc or solve button, but this calculator doesn't have it. So I'm unsure if this calculator can solve equations or not, I checked the manual but doesn't have any examples for equations.

Here is a picture of the calculator:enter image description here

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Going swiftly through the calculators's Manual I found this section which explains the only use of the $X\ \& \ Y$ buttons:

enter image description here

Hence the confirmation of what you suspected: this calculator does not solve any equations

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Sir, according to the image, and the instructions, you should be able to solve a quadratic or linear equation. The fx-85wa model has the "Alpha" key which is exactly the key needed on a certain Casio models to correctly input equations.

Can you tell me what happens when you follow the above instructions?

/Silicon Valley Regards

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It is impossible to calculate. You have a model: Casio fx-85WA, not a Casio fx-85W. There is no CALC button.

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