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I originally had the following inequality

$$2x - 4y > -6 $$

I now have:

$$ 4y < 2x + 6 $$

It's almost in $y$ intercept form, only problem I have now is getting that $y$ by itself.

I think I have to divide everything by $4$, but I'm not sure, and I don't have answer key for this problem.

My final result is:

$$y < \frac{1}{2} x + 1.5 .$$

Can someone confirm this please?

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You are right!

But you could get there much easily,$$4y \lt 2x + 6 $$

Now we divide the both sides of the inequality by $4$,

$$y \lt \frac x2 + \frac32$$

which is consistent to your result $y \lt \frac 12x + 1.5$

Check here for more.

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