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This is taken from the Miller Analogies Test. No explanation or context is given. My assumption is that the underscore stands for the same operation/number/whatever in both, but I don't know what it would be.

_23 : 1.5 :: _ 12 : 0.5

_05 : _05 :: 0 : Undefined 

Sorry about using homework as the only tag, but I don't where else it would fit...?

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Impossible to say. You need to search for "explanation or context" within the MAT. – GEdgar Oct 24 '11 at 18:21

Given $23$, we have $2$ into $3$ is $3/2=1.5$

Given $12$, we have $2$ into $1$ is $1/2=0.5$

Given $05$, we have $5$ into $0$ is $0/5=0$

However, $0$ into $5$ is $5/0$ which is undefined.

The pattern is...

AB : B/A :: CD : C/D

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