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Suppose we play a chess-variant, where any finite number of pieces are allowed, and the board is as large as we wish, but only two kings in total. And there is no 50 move-rule, no castling and no captures and no pawn-moves.

Then is it possible to have a a pair of positions A and B, such that we can go from configuration A to B by legal moves, but not from B to A?

Minor addition: No stalemates or checkmates allowed, the game must be extendable atleast two moves in both direction from both A and B.

Two configurations are different also if the pieces are in the same places but it is a different player to move.

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Depends. Say B is a stalemate position (no legal moves for one player, say player 2, but player 2 is not in check). Then player 2 cannot move at all, so you cannot go from B to A by legal moves beginning with player 2. But you could get from B to A if you start with the last-player-who-moved, since under your conditions all moves are necessarily reversible (the only pieces that have non-reversible moves are pawns). –  Arturo Magidin Oct 22 '11 at 5:48
@Arturo All single moves aren't reversible in a single move, like a king moving from check –  GM2001 Oct 22 '11 at 5:55
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