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I'm a european high school student and I'll apply to university in July. Are there any interesting activities/events which can look good on the curriculum I'll submit with the application? Further details: I was thinking of something like http://www.euromath.org/index.php?id=113 . Do you know anything like that? Or maybe online courses which are worthwile?

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At that age you should think more about what you want to do than "what looks good on a cv". –  kjetil b halvorsen Mar 1 at 14:55
I think I should do that, too. But the people who will read the cv don't. :'( –  user132313 Mar 1 at 15:03
To answer your question literally: no. Stuff like a medal in the IMO would be best, but even that is hardly worth putting on your CV. –  akkkk Mar 1 at 15:07
Why "hardly worth"??! Remember I'm talking about a self-presentation for admission to university, not for a PhD or for a job or something! –  user132313 Mar 1 at 15:31
Are you exceptionally good at math? If you are, then I would suggest going for IMO, but otherwise I would suggest local contests or things like the conference you put in your question. –  recursive recursion Mar 1 at 17:09

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