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1.How many number of three digit even numbers than can be formed out of the digits 0 to 9 ?

The question seems confusing since there is no mention of whether repetition is allowed or not ?! since if repetition is allowed then the answer would be 450 (5*9*10) where as if not then the answer would be 328 (9p2+ 4*(8*8) = 328).

Am I correct about the question or am missing some point ?

2.How many calendars that can be prepared for the month of February ?

3.A golf player wants to put the ball in the hole in 5 shots. He says that he will put the ball in the hole at most by 3 shots and will qualify for the next round. how many number of possibilities of shots he had played ?

I don't have any clue for this two.

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Not meaning to be harsh, but, without additional context, the first question is ambiguous and the last two questions are incoherent. I suspect that the intended interpretation to these questions would become clearer by looking at solutions to related examples provided by the same source. – Douglas S. Stones Oct 15 '10 at 23:49

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  1. I get the same answers you do. I also agree the question is unclear on repetition.

  2. Think of how many ways the pattern of days in February can be different, starting day of week and length

  3. I don't understand this question

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In addition, only 10-digit numbers can be formed from the digits 0 to 9. So the answer could also be zero. – Douglas S. Stones Oct 15 '10 at 23:51

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