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what is the career choice for pure math major other than teaching math? if i choose to learn another additional major, what is the a good choice of major that associate with pure math for a better salary and stable job. And what is a popular math course should i chose if i want to work as a consultant in a private company in the future. Thanks in advance for your advice. Please don't vote down or delete this question because i think you guys are very professional and experienced, so i chose to ask it here.

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Two unrelated comments: (i) I have seen a surprising number of Math graduates go into Law, maybe because they find the LSAT pretty easy. (ii) About courses, don't forget about Statistics, and not only at lowest level. –  André Nicolas Oct 1 '11 at 5:45

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A pure math major can do pretty much anything she wants to, so the real question is, what do you want to do? Once you've figured that out, go talk to the career advisors at your institution, who get paid to answer exactly the kind of questions you are raising.

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Agree with @GerryMyerson. It is all about your passion on something. You may go to computer science or finance field and have a decent career.

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