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This question is now haunting me like anything, I am unable to understand , what is the difference between scatterplot and a dotplot? Is there any difference at all? or often people use them interchangeably. I have asked this question to several people , some say its same but some other say its different but no one able to explain any difference ? Sorry if this is a newbie question, but some one can explain this to me , I think that would be great help.


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A dot plot is just a bar chart that uses dots to represent individual quanta.

So if you wanted to plot the number of pets per household, you might have 10 households with 0 pets, 20 with 1 pet, 12 with 2 pets, etc. Over zero, you'd draw 10 dots; over one, you'd draw 20 dots, etc.

A scatter plot puts a point representing a single realization of a tuple of data. For example, if you measured people's height and weight, you could create a scatter plot where one axis represented height and one represented weight. Each point on a scatter plot represents one person.

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Awesome!!! plain and simple +1 and thanks – Kabir Pradeep Feb 27 '14 at 3:55

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