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When I was hired at Company $A$, I agreed I would work for them three days a week and be sent to work at Company $B$ for the other two working days. Company $A$ would then contribute to my wage for $\frac{3}{5}$, while Company $B$ would account for the remaining $\frac{2}{5}$.

A few months passed and, since life has its bumps, I couldn't precisely follow that plan (due to illnesses and vacations). As of today, I worked $247$ hours at Company $A$ and $184$ hours at Company $B$.

Company $A$ claims this situation is not right and that it must be corrected by making me work for them exclusively, before I can go back to Company $B$. How many extra hours will I have to work at Company $A$ before they're happy, so I can be sent to work at Company $B$ again?

I've made my calculation but I find myself in need of peer review. I hope you'd help me, thanks in advance!

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You need to work for Company A for 3/5 part of the time and Company B for 2/5 part of the time .

Hence, total work to be done for Company A = (3/5)/(2/5) = 3/2 = 1.5 times for Company B

You have worked 184 hours for Company B.

Hence, you need to work 1.5 * 184 = 276 hours for Company A.

Subtracting hours already done for A, you need to work for 276 - 247 = 29 more hours at Company before working further for B.

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