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A point $D$ inside an equilateral triangle $PQR$. $D$ is located at a distance of $3$cm, $4$cm and $5$cm respectively from $P$, $Q$ and $R$. What is the area of the triangle $PQR$?

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Well what have you tried? –  Module Jan 18 at 19:37
I tried much but unable to find –  manoj Jan 18 at 19:40
Is PQR the equilateral triangle? I am assuming so. –  Sawarnik Jan 18 at 20:01
3,4,5 is crucial. A triangle with side lengths 3,4,5 makes it a right triangle. The answer is $9+25\sqrt{3}/4$. –  i707107 Jan 18 at 20:19
Ah this one: math.stackexchange.com/questions/329761/… –  Sawarnik Jan 18 at 20:34