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Is it ok to start a list of interesting, but short mathematical papers, e.g. papers that are in the neighborhood of 1-3 pages? I like to read them here and there throughout the day to learn a new result.

For example, I recently read and liked On the Uniqueness of the Cyclic Group of Order n.

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"Interesting" is extremely subjective. Interesting to whom? –  Robert Israel Jan 5 at 7:16
MR1264984 (94m:03053) Alex J. Wilkie. On defining $C^\infty$, J. Symbolic Logic, 59 (1), (1994), 344. –  Andres Caicedo Jan 5 at 7:26
Two versions of this question on MO: 1 and 2. –  Andres Caicedo Jan 5 at 7:29
See the comment by Robert Israel. And why should an "interesting" paper be "short"? Is that supposed to be synonymous with "readable"? –  Han de Bruijn Jan 5 at 12:17
MR0346112 (49 #10838) Richard B. Darst. Most infinitely differentiable functions are nowhere analytic, Canad. Math. Bull., 16, (1973), 597–598. –  Andres Caicedo Jan 5 at 16:12
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