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Find the no of positive integral solutions for the equations


I just come across this problem. I know we can resolve the problem to


so number of possible divisor for this is


Where $e_1,e_2,\dots,e_n$ are exponent power of primes factor.

Now how can I find the number of positive integral solution for a very large value?

I am really bad at maths,please if anybody has idea about this do teach me.

Thanks in advance

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I think you are doing fine. Note that the exponent of $p$ in $N!$ can be obtained as $\lfloor N/p\rfloor + \lfloor N/p^2\rfloor + \lfloor N/p^3\rfloor +\ldots$. –  Hagen von Eitzen Nov 29 '13 at 21:51
@Hagenwhich can von Eitzen : I am okay with finding exponent wit p . But let say for n =3 , n! = 6 ,which can be express as 2^1*3^1 so number of divisor for this is (2*1 + 1)(2*1 + 1) = 9 . intigeral soltuion now what apprachh should i follow to get number of integral solution –  prateeak ojha Nov 30 '13 at 8:53

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