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I am CSE graduate, I was very much interested in physics. I had several theories during my higher secondary school like i thought of vacuum as a special medium than nothingness and like gravity is actually like pulling someone with a thread but its a sub atomic particle.

But i had no where to start sanely and schools taught only how to solve given problems of maths, and never the intuition behind it in real world. So naturally I lost interests and moved to CS where I can actually code problems and see the 0s and 1s. (of course CSE uses maths a lot which is learnt/refreshed when we needed them)

But Math always is presented to me as a highly developed entity. When I see physics I see atoms, I see electrons and electrons itself had meaning same as the way like a cell in a body.

But the issue with Maths, the way its taught (I am only pertaining to my higher secondary school) is discontinuous patches of knowledge.

How can I understand Maths to effectively see the world through Maths (for a non-Math major)? Is there any book that can teach Maths intuitively so that we can think through Maths than solving problems through Maths?

I hope FB,MS also launches everybody can formulate programs (like everybody can code programs http://code.org ) :) Can you Math guys start one like this to teach us? :)

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of course i love coding and is my profession but I have deep interest in understanding things (I call it connecting dots :)) during my free time –  Dexters Nov 4 '13 at 5:39