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I want to develop a method to compute the seed value after n steps. I first wanted to use a loop, but I thought maybe someone comes up with a nice single expression and could also say something about the process.

I guess you have to use mathematical induction to solve that...

$x_0 = \mathtt{seed}$

$ x_1 = (x_0 \cdot \mathtt{0x5DEECE66D} + \mathtt{0xB})~\mathtt{AND}~((1~ \mathtt{SHIFTL}~48) - 1) $

$x_n = \dots$

All the values are 64-bit java long numbers. More information can be found here: What I basically want to do is to copy an instance of Random object, so that copy behaves same.

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I managed to create a copy of a random object But I'm still interested in the solution, though. – mike Aug 30 '13 at 13:39

I suggest using this service.

Or, if you want to write the code yourself, I suggest starting here.

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