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I need to split graph, another say to color it into some groups of unadjacent edges.

Minimize number of groups is not the only goal to achive. Group of every size has its's own weight, e.g. 64 - 1, 128 - 1.5, 256 - 1.8 and so on. If we have got some groups then weight of coloring is the weight of its biggest component. And i need somehow to minimize $NumOfGroups * WeightOfColoring$.

I'm not very strong in graph theory, but it would be good if you direct me to a good article or give me a good hint.

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This may give you good hints and some references also I think. – wece Jul 24 '13 at 15:29

I guess what you need to start from are Hosoya index and matching polynomials.

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