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Lets say you've a min and a max value, and based on a percent value, you get the equivalent value, for example:

  • min=10, max=30, perc=50% -> value=20
  • min=10, max=30, perc=10% -> value=12

Is it known by any specific name? thanks in advance!

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The canonical name for what you're talking about is Linear Interpolation - though I've on rare occasions seen it called the 'of-the-way' function; e.g. '10% of the way from 10 to 30'. As you might guess from the name, there are other ways of interpolating between 'start' (your minimum) and 'finish' (your maximum - note that you could always go the other way, from 30 to 10!) values; Spline Interpolation is another very frequent one, often in the form of 'ease-in, ease-out' curves.

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I suppose this is a very simple form of linear interpolation.

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