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I am a Computer Science student. While going through some random maths topics I came across Chaos Theory. I wanted to know if there are any applications of it in CS. I tried searching on the internet about this but ended up only with this and this. But are there any other domains of computer science where this theory could be applied ?

Please help!

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  1. A small world network introduced with time delay generates chaos. Databases that are linked in a small world network are faster to extract information from. Most neural networks are small world networks.

  2. Computer graphics? Generating realistic-looking animations of flames, flowing water etc. involves mimicing the chaotic processes that form them.

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The concept of Small World Networks looks interesting. Could you please elaborate on it or give any reference to it so that I could do more research on it? – Animesh Pandey Jun 19 '13 at 6:43

Cryptography is another application of chaos to computer science. There are a few chaotic encryption schemes around.

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I think the most fascinating account of chaos in computer science I have read comes when you analyze the attempted solutions to NP problems.

Here's a link that explains how the "hardness" of a Sudoku is related to chaotic behavior of solutions

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