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please see this link question 20

problem is following on figure 1 as you see there is parallelipiped which has dimensions a,b,c and level of water h1 after turning this figure new dimensions and face is given.from the existing choices we should choose two of them to find what is h2(how much it is) i need help how to understand such problem when i will be given in future please help

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It was fun to try to figure out a problem in a language that I do not understand. Mathematics is truly international! Well, not quite. I would have had to concentrate harder if the labels had not been in the "roman" alphabet.

Note that the volume of water, in the picture on the left, is $abh_1$.

Note also that the volume of water, from the picture on the right, is $bch_2$.

We know that $$abh_1=bch_2$$ and $b$ "cancels", in other words is irrelevant.

So we have $$ah_1=ch_2$$.

Maybe, since we want $h_2$, we can solve for it. We get $$h_2=h_1\frac{a}{c}$$ this means that if we know $h_1$ and $a/c$, we know $h_2$. Thus, if I recall the choices correctly, knowing I and IV will let us find $h_2$.

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you are right sorry but in problem i have translated into english it is georgian languages(my country is georgia) – dato datuashvili May 31 '11 at 15:20
@user3196: I liked looking at all $20$ problems, and trying to figure out what familiar problem each corresponded to. No need to be sorry! I hope that the solution that I posted answers your question in enough detail. – André Nicolas May 31 '11 at 15:31

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