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Based on the Circle packing theorem: "For every connected simple planar graph G there is a circle packing in the plane whose intersection graph is (isomorphic to) G."

I would like to draw the circle packing representation of this graph (the original graph in the picture).

I am trying using geogebra, but I am new at it and I am not able to get it done. Do you have any suggestion about other software or plug-ins of geogebra that can help.


UPDATE: 19/May/2011 - This one includes the circular packing for the graph (thanks to geogebra user forum -

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You might want to post this question to the GeoGebra user forum, with a little more info about the obstacles you're running into.

Also, have you ever worked with the Geometer's Sketchpad? It's available for a trial, and if you're happy with it, it costs ~$30.00?

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