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I want to know an objective approach to solve these type of expression in a quick time Which of the expression equals to $$\dfrac{\tan\theta}{1-\cot\theta}+\dfrac{\cot\theta}{1-\tan\theta}$$





I've tried it several ways like taking LCM,change whole into $\sin\theta$ and $\cos\theta$.but I've stuck.

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thanks i got it – iostream007 May 16 '13 at 22:47
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Just to add the "cheating" method of solving these (say on an exam when you're pressed for time):

Use the symmetry to show that only options (a) and (d) are viable. Then plug in some value (say $x=\pi/8$), to find which one is of them is "right"

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I'm not sure where you got stuck after writing the expression in terms of $ \sin \theta $ and $ \cos \theta $ but here's how I would do it: $$ \begin{align*}\frac{\tan \theta}{1 - \cot \theta} + \frac{\cot \theta}{1 - \tan \theta} &= \frac{\sin \theta \tan \theta}{\sin \theta - \cos \theta} + \frac{\cos\theta \cot \theta}{\cos \theta - \sin \theta} \\ &= \frac{\sin\theta\tan\theta - \cos\theta \cot \theta}{\sin \theta - \cos \theta} \\&= \frac{\sin^3 \theta - \cos^3 \theta}{\sin \theta \cos \theta (\sin\theta - \cos\theta)} \\&= \frac{\sin^2 \theta + \sin \theta \cos \theta + \cos^2\theta }{\sin \theta \cos \theta}\\&= 1 + \tan \theta + \cot \theta\\&=\boxed{\text{D}} \end{align*} $$

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$$ \begin{align} \frac{\tan(\theta)}{1-\cot(\theta)}+\frac{\cot(\theta)}{1-\tan(\theta)} &=\frac{\cot(\theta)-\tan^2{\theta}}{1-\tan(\theta)}\\ &=\cot(\theta)\frac{1-\tan^3(\theta)}{1-\tan(\theta)}\\ &=\cot(\theta)+1+\tan(\theta) \end{align} $$

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