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Hi I know this sounds like a really beginner question, but I cannot find how to enter the terms "Int" and "Ran#" into my calculator (Casio fx-9750GII)

My code is thus:



Int (Ran#×100)->A








LpWhile G[ne]A


EDIT: the code was all in one clump..

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I presume you couldn't find the answer you needed here? – J. M. May 11 '11 at 9:50
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This works on my fx-9860G (which i believe is very similar):

Start with pressing the OPTN button. Then press F6 to get to the next page. Press F3 (PROB) to find Ran# (on F4) or F4 (NUM) to find Int (on F2). To summarize:

Int: OPTN, F6, F4 (NUM), F2 (Int).
Ran#: OPTN, F6, F3 (PROB), F4 (Ran#).

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Actually, you press the OPTN button. Then, you press the NUM button (F5). Lastly, you press the Int button (F2). This is how I do it when I use the fx-9750GII calculator.

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