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My little sister wants me to divide $135628$ by $339$. I can not make her understand that quotient is $400$ and remainder is $28$. She does not understand how one last $0$ comes after $40$. She knows the relation among divisor ,dividend,quotient and remainder. So she can understand it by applying backward method ,that is by taking quotient ($400$) and then put other respective values to get back the dividend. But She can not realize it in a straight forward way. And so I am here to get some valuable advice about how I can make the division crystal clear to her. With regards...

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$$\begin{align} \color{green}{1356}:339 &= \mathbf 4&\text{ remainder }&\color{red}0\\ {\color{red}0}\color{green}2:339 &= \mathbf 0&\text{ remainder }&{\color{red}2}\\ {\color{red}2}\color{green}8:339 &= \mathbf 0&\text{ remainder }&\mathbf {28}\\ \therefore \color{green}{135602}:339& = \mathbf{400}&\text{ remainder }&\mathbf{28}\end{align}$$

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Thanks a lot sir for the lucid explanation. – user53386 Apr 17 '13 at 15:55

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