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I am making report, I need help finding who performed best.

I have 3 workers, and they are assigned number of work/task to do.

but but tasked assigned to each of them are not same numbers.

How can I find out who performed best (I was thinking calculating ratio or something)

Employee John.

He was given total 17 work orders but only 12 of them finished.


was given total 206 work order but only 117 of them finished. 


was given 5 work order but only 3 of the finished. 

How can I calculate who performed best.

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Hint: Find the percent of the completion of the work

John: $\dfrac{12}{17}.100=70.588$%


Nick: $\dfrac{3}{5}.100=60$%

Now compare!

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Thanks, what if they didn't complete any of the task ? meaning 0 of them. – user206168 Mar 20 '13 at 17:02
for example for 4th person Jack, was assigned 9 task this month and he completed 0 of them so his % will be 0% and next month Jack will get assigned 0 tasked and he ofcourse completed 0 of them. how can I compare last month task with this month if both are 0. – user206168 Mar 20 '13 at 17:12

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