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can one suggest a survey article on automorphisms of $p$ groups, and automorphisms of abelian groups/ abelian $p$ groups?

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For finite abelian groups, there is the paper "Automorphisms of Finite Abelian Groups" By Hillar and Rhea, AMM 114 (2007), 917--923. For general p-groups, a lot can be said. There is a whole book(s) on the subject by Khukhro, and you can find alot of information in the two volumes of Berkovich. – user641 Apr 12 '11 at 18:59

I second the recommendations of Steve D. in his comment: the paper of Hillar and Rhea and Khukhro's book are both excellent. The two volumes of Berkovich (and Janko for vol. 2) are, as Steve says, full of information but I have found that they do not make for a particularly enjoyable read.

You might also want to look at: "A survey on automorphism groups of finite p-groups" by Geir Helleloid and "Class preserving automorphisms of finite p-groups: A survey" by Manoj Yadav. I think there are copies of both of these on the Arxiv.

The paper "Some questions about p-groups" by A. Mann has a section discussing some open problems about automorphisms of finite p-groups & is well worth a read.

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