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I have a problem geometry: " Let (O) is circumcircle of triangle XYZ. G is centroid of XYZ. I,H,K are circumcircles of triangle GYZ, GZX, GXY. Prove O is the centroid of IHK". I'm wanting use method vector to prove this problem but I'am difficulting in some steps change. I hope everyone help me

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What does "IHK" mean for I, H and K circles? Is there a difference here between "(O)" and "O"? If so, what is "(O)"? If not, how can a circle be the centroid of something? It seems that you are working in some space of circles; if so, how is this space defined? The only other way I see to make sense of this is if you're using the same symbols both for circles and for their centres. – joriki Apr 10 '11 at 17:24
Of course we all know what piter has in mind. What is missing here in the first place is (as in many other questions) not a lack of understanding but a lack of respect for the cause and for the community at work here. – Christian Blatter Apr 10 '11 at 20:04

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