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I need to find a good book on trigonometry, I was using trigonometry demystified but I got sad when I read this line:

Now that you know how the circular functions are defined, you might wonder how the values are calculated. The answer: with an electronic calculator!

I know a book which seems to be really good: Loney's Plane Trigonometry, I'm just not sure if the book is up to date.

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You might want to look at the following book references:

  • Trigonometry, I.M. Gelfand, Mark Saul

  • Trigonometry Refresher (Dover Books on Mathematics), A. Albert Klaf, Mathematics

  • Schaum's Outline of Trigonometry, 5th Edition, Robert Moyer, Frank Ayres

  • Trigonometry, 8th Edition, Ron Larson ($$$)

  • Advanced Trigonometry, by C.V. Durell, A. Robson

You might also want to review online items. For example:


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How helpful! Great list, and not overwhelming! –  amWhy May 1 '13 at 0:23
It was made community wiki (sometimes book recommendation requests are considered "soft" or having no one correct answer, so although they are relevant to the site, sometimes it is flagged (some users do this) to make it CW...after which, no reputation is gained for the asker or the user. A person can also make his/her answer community wiki... –  amWhy May 1 '13 at 0:55

Plane Trigonometry by S.L. Loney is the best book for trigonometry.The concepts are explained in a very good manner in the book.

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Are you only interested in a Book, can I suggest a material that has lecture notes? A video? :) It has been an excellent learning material for many I know of.

ThinkWell Trignometry

As for a book, try this out as well:

  • Plane and Spherical Trigonometry
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Yes. Anything that teaches me trigonometry will suffice. –  Vÿska Feb 22 '13 at 8:24

I also suggest the thinkwell but as a supplement not the main course. Larson is good but ridiculously expensive and klaf & durell are a little too much if don't already know something. Gelfand & Loney are generally a more rigorous and conceptually clear treatment of the subject. I have one other suggestion, which is free "Stitz & Zeager, trigonometry". This is also very good, only complaint a little dry and the appearance too spartan, even for a math book !

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Michael Corral's Trigonometry is excellent, building geometric foundations before transitioning to analytical aspects. It also helps that it's absurdly good-looking. It comes with a GNU Free Documentation License too.

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