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while doing optimization in MAPLE, i am getting the output in the form of a list, which is as follows. \begin{equation} t=[.366595121038205462, [pr = 14.2982930082790, ps = 22.5165237470778]] \end{equation} I just want to extract the value $pr \quad\&\quad ps $ from $t$, and store it in x and y respectively. Please help me.

till now i have used whattype() in order to check the type of t. And it comes out to be a list. Now i have to extract the floating values of ps and pr and put them in x and y respectively.

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The following is sometimes referred to as 2-argument eval. It's nicer than assigning those values to pr and ps because it allows those names to continue to be used directly (as names) in forming new expressions.






And you can use it in compound formula too, all together.

eval(  ps^2 - sin(pr), t[2] );

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i salute u sir....thank u very much. actually i have to take this data to matlab and then repeat this for 10000 random values of $\phi1 and \phi2$. see this question if u want . THANKS A TON ACER........ – nikki baba Feb 18 '13 at 0:53

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