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Anyone ever use a real world example (or data) of either: 1) Sinusoidal Regression 2) Logistic/Log Regression

This can alternatively be answered by identifying any real world functions that are: 1) Sinusoidal 2) Logistic/Log Regression

Anything beyond the dry textbook examples of temperature patterns or population growth? Thanks!

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Any example I can give would be just another "dry textbook example". If the book gives you examples of real world scenarios then why do you need other examples? Hasnt its usefulness been proven to you already?

The question is not whether or not you can apply the material now. Its whether or not you can apply the material in the future when and if you do ever come across it, or if your comprehension is so shallow that you are stuck and stagnant in your work?

As a pure mathematician, I appreciate the value of all things, with or without practicality. Great Youtube Criticism

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I hear you. I personally do appreciate it for what it is, but I want to show someone else who is not a pure maths guy why it can be useful. It can be more interesting if using a "real" situation the person is already familiar with and has a connection to. – JackOfAll Feb 12 '13 at 15:44
Like I already said, the book already gave you real situations you can apply it in. Im still not quite sure what you need that you dont already have. – CogitoErgoCogitoSum Feb 12 '13 at 15:54
I asked for any examples that are not about temperature patterns or population growth. – JackOfAll Feb 12 '13 at 16:56

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