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Question: I'm a student who has to extract transfer functions from block diagrams quite often. It would help if there was a graphical tool where I could manipulate block diagrams and see their resulting transfer function. Does this exist? I tried Googling for "Block Diagram Solver" and "Block Diagram to Transfer Function", but I didn't find anything. If this does not exist, I will go the programmers stack exchange to find out the algorithmic reason that this is impossible to accomplish in software.

Why I thought I could ask this question here: In the FAQ, it mentions that I can ask about software that mathematicians use. I thought this would pertain to that.

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Don't mean to be a shill for MathWorks, but have you looked at Simulink? mathworks.com/products/simulink –  Ron Gordon Feb 10 '13 at 16:48
@rlgordonma Simulink can't retrieve the transfer function from a certain blockdiagram. I don't think there is any program in existance that can do that. Seanny123, if you have problems in retrieving the transfer function from a blockdiagram just make a new question with the blockdiagram. I am sure we can help you with this. Retrieving transfer functions from blockdiagrams is relativily easy. –  WG- Feb 10 '13 at 19:37

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