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I have made a matlab function, but when I use this function in a program, it is not giving all the outputs (xc,yc,R). Rather it is giving only xc!

This is a function which fits a semicircle on a set of data points. I have a file A having two columns (X and Y). I take x=A(:1) and y=A(:,2). Then using the following function on a program, I suppose to get xc, yc and R. But unfortunately, I am getting only xc!

function [xc,yc,R] = semicircle( x,y )
%To Fit a semicircle on a distribution
%   Detailed explanation goes here

a=[x y ones(size(x),1)]\[-(x.^2+y.^2)]; %vector of parameter

xc = -a(1)/2; 

yc = -a(2)/2;

 R  =  sqrt(a(1)^2/4+a(2)^2/4-a(3));

  % display original data
   figure,plot(x,y,'o'); %original data

   theta=linspace(0,-pi,1000); %generate 1000 angle points, you can change the range of angle



 hold on;


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this question should be asked in StackOverflow, not here...that's my personal thought –  bryansis2010 Feb 7 '13 at 9:35

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This is probably caused by you not calling the function with multiple output arguements. When you want to use the function make sure to call it like so (just like you defined it):

[xc,yc,R] = semicircle( x,y ) 

If you just call

semicircle( x,y ) 

Matlab by default just gives the first output argument.

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YES!!!! Thank you very much... i am just a beginner in Matlab!. good to notice this point. –  aneps Feb 7 '13 at 9:28

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