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Is there a set of lecture notes that follow Atiyah-MacDonald and expand on the dense passages, point out typos and so forth?

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You can try the following A. Altman and S. Kleiman: A term of commutative algebra, 2012. You can read it for free here:

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WOW,these notes look terrific and exactly what the OP was looking for. I'm currently researching and compiling a list of free mathematics sources on the Web-I'm really glad you called attention to this jewel or I'd have missed it,Oliver! – Mathemagician1234 Feb 3 '13 at 19:49
Updated version: – darij grinberg May 3 at 6:26

Here are two links where you can find further links to downloads such as you are looking for:

I myself was/am in the market for these. In passing I saw a mention of this book:

I have not looked at it, but it might be useful. The author is actually acknowledged in the preface to "A&M."

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