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Find all polynomials $\sum_{k=0}^na_kx^k$, where $a_k=\pm2$ or $a_k=\pm1$, and $0\leq k\leq n,1\leq n<\infty$, such that they have only real zeroes.

I've been thinking about this question, but I've come to the conclusion that I don't have the requisite math knowledge to actually answer it.

An additional, less-important question. I'm not sure where this problem is from. Can someone find a source?


I'm sorry, I have one more request. If this can be evaluated computationally, can you show me a pen and paper way to do it?

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In Mathematica, for order 4, Last/@Select[{(RootReduce[x/.#]&/@Flatten[Solve[x^Range[0,3].#==0]]),x^Range[0,3‌​].#}&/@Tuples[Drop[Range[-2,2],{3}],{4}],Max[Abs[Sign[Im[First[#]]]]]==0&] gives -2 - 2 x + x^2 + x^3 as the first item. –  Ed Pegg Jan 29 '13 at 21:49
{{-2,-2,1,1},{-2,-2,2,1},{-2,-2,2,2},{-2,-1,2,1},{-2,1,2,-1},{-2,2,1,-1},{-2,2,2‌​,-2},{-2,2,2,-1},{-1,-2,1,1},{-1,-2,1,2},{-1,-2,2,1},{-1,-2,2,2},{-1,-1,1,1},{-1,‌​-1,2,1},{-1,-1,2,2},{-1,1,1,-1},{-1,1,2,-2},{-1,1,2,-1},{-1,2,1,-2},{-1,2,1,-1},{‌​-1,2,2,-2},{-1,2,2,-1},{1,-2,-2,1},{1,-2,-2,2},{1,-2,-1,1},{1,-2,-1,2},{1,-1,-2,1‌​},{1,-1,-2,2},{1,-1,-1,1},{1,1,-2,-2},{1,1,-2,-1},{1,1,-1,-1},{1,2,-2,-2},{1,2,-2‌​,-1},{1,2,-1,-2},{1,2,-1,-1},{2,-2,-2,1},{2,-2,-2,2},{2,-2,-1,1},{2,-1,-2,1},{2,1‌​,-2,-1},{2,2,-2,-2},{2,2,-2,-1},{2,2,-1,-1}} are the coefficients, if that helps. –  Ed Pegg Jan 29 '13 at 21:50
Computation suggests that there are none if $n>6$. –  Julián Aguirre Jul 4 '13 at 13:29
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