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Where I will be able to found papers to read the state-art of the use that Markov chain in cryptanalysis. I found this

  • Canteaut, A. and Chabaud, F. (1998). A new algorithm for finding minimum-weight words in a linear code: Application to mceliece ́ cryptosystem and to narrow-sense s bch codes of length 511. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 44. Canteaut, A. and Sendrier, N. (1998). Cryptanalysis of the original mceliece cryptosys- tem. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1514:187–199.

  • Decrypting classical cipher text using Markov chain monte carlo.

but I need more please

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Google? MathSciNet? – Gerry Myerson Jan 24 '13 at 23:11
If you have access to MathSciNet (or to a librarian who can access it for you), you will find 19 papers that cite the Canteaut-Chabaud paper. Also, 32 papers come up when you search MathSciNet for anywhere = markov chain & anywhere = crypt*. – Gerry Myerson Jan 25 '13 at 0:17

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