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Suppose I have two bivariate time series:

$$ ts1 = [<a_1, b_1>, <a_2, b_2>, \cdots, <a_N, b_N>] $$

$$ ts2 = [<c_1, d_2>, <c_2, d_2>, \cdots, <c_N, d_N>] $$

Which metrics can I use to measure the "similarity" of $ts1$ and $ts2$? And which test can I use to determine if the "similarity" is significant or not?

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Here's an equivalent question: stackoverflow.com/questions/6723157/…. The metric you choose, however, will depend on your application. –  Snowball Jan 15 '13 at 21:29
what kind of features do you consider similar? –  Memming Jan 31 '13 at 15:50

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