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I'm trying to find some data (two continuous variables that I believe are correlated) online for which I can perform a regression anaylsis, my assignment sheet says:

The data may be found anywhere on the web or in books, journals or magazines in the library1. You are free to do any type of analysis (using data of types a., b., or c) that is of interest to you or relevant to your course. The only limitations are that:

  1. The data must be secondary (it cannot come from a survey that you conduct yourself);

  2. The data must not have already been analysed within the source from which it is obtained;

  3. The sample size must be at least 25 observations

Could anyone recommend any sources for which I could find some data.

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Try ngrams from Google books (there is a lot of data to download, probably even too much). For example Marie Skłodowska-Curie and Pierre Currie are definetely correlated ;-)

Edit: Color vs. colour will probably be enough for you (only one file to download).


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