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I am trying to visualize this recursive algorithm in LP, Wikipedia here. I am looking for references about in which kind of problems is this used and what does it really look like?

I am also interested about visual comparisons between other basic LP algorithms.

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Line search is a technique usually used in unconstrained nonlinear optimization. You can apply it to linear programming only after somehow converting your LP into an unconstrained problem, e.g. by using barrier functions. – Rahul Dec 27 '12 at 3:53

About points 15-20 in the lecture here by Stanford. I cannot fully yet understand it but as reference.

enter image description here

A key decision in line search seems to be a step-size. And please notice that there are many different kinds of line searches.


  • The page 463 here i.e. the chapter 9.2 Descent Methods.
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