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Basically I am trying to computer a MFCC and wondered if you can help.

This is the FFT of 1 of the Frames (After I have multiplied the Hamming Window by the Mel Bank Filters) :

enter image description here

Here is the DCT of the FFT of Frame 1:

enter image description here

I have read somewhere that I need to take 13 Coefficients from each frame in which I can then carry out a DTW algorithm to identify the signal. BUT why 13 and how do you extract these? I've read a paper that gives an equation to calculate the energy, however, this wouldn't produce 13 Coefficients when the Frame is 256 in length. So do I take the first 13 values, then, compute the total energy on each of the values? Refer to "Step 7" in paper enter link description here

Hope someone can help, thanks :)

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Wouldn't it be better to ask on the SE about DSP? – Voyska Apr 9 '13 at 23:08

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