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I have taken an analysis course using baby Rudin as the text, and I would like to keep up by analysis skills while developing on them. As such, I want to work through Sternberg's Advanced Calculus on my own in preparation for future work in analysis. How many hours would working through this text take, working through a useful number of problems (how many would be useful in this text?), and fully understanding the text? I, ideally, would like to finish as much as possible of it by next fall if not earlier.

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@JasperLoy It could be said that Sternberg's text includes the material (at least much of it) of Rudin's text, but Sternberg's is more extensive. The book/table of contents can be found here. math.harvard.edu/~shlomo/docs/Advanced_Calculus.pdf –  Jebruho Dec 5 '12 at 17:27
@JasperLoy Very true, I just want to know the sort of time commitment. Specificity is not too important. –  Jebruho Dec 5 '12 at 17:31

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Why don't you look for the course page that uses(ed) the text. Most likely it will have the the problem sets assigned. Then you can see the respective chapters covered and the pace.

Once you do the first one or two assignments, you can see how much time you took and extrapolate.

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