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I have a assignment for Minitab 15, which about varoius statistics concepts (basic and foundamental topics) but have a big problem with understanding of of questions! Also I do not know how it's possible to use Minitab® to answer this question, I would be glad some one get me clue. (- I don't need some one to solve the problem just help to how could do it in Minitab®)

This is the question:

  Generate 15 000 samples of size n = 15 each, from the Poisson distribution with parameter λ=3 Calculate the mean from each sample. You have now 15 000 means.
Draw a histogram of these 15 000 means. What is the shape of the histogram? Calculate the mean of the 15 000 means and the standard deviation. Use the Central Limit Theorem to explain why they should be close to 3 and 0.4472 respectively. Also explain the shape of the histogram.

Also as I'm new to statistics, can't understand how it's possible to have 1500 means?

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You have 15,000 samples, which you can think of as different trials. So if you calculate the mean of each trial, you have 15,000 of them. – user1736 Mar 5 '11 at 15:38
are you having problems with the math or the computer? go to office hours. – yoyo Mar 5 '11 at 17:43
Actually non of them, and both of them, I have problem with Math in Minitab® ;) I don't know how to generate Poisson random samples with 1500 sample of size n=15, I think of : <pre> MTB > Random 15000 C1-C15; SUBC> Poisson 3. MTB > </pre> But don't seems corect!! – user7826 Mar 6 '11 at 12:57
This doesn't seem to belong here. Voting to close as off-topic – Ross Millikan May 5 '11 at 13:57

Use the drop-down menu in Minitab, not the command line.

Place the 15000 samples of size 15 each in 15 columns. This can be done with Calc > Random Data > Poisson. It will take a few seconds. Now there are 15000 rows and 15 columns of data.

Next compute the means of each of these 15000 rows and place them in a new column. This can be done with Calc > Row Statistics.

Finally make a histogram of this column.

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