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Grothedieck wrote, in the introduction of his EGA, Chapter V would be Procedes elementaires de construction de schemas(Elementary procedures for construction of schemes). I wonder what he meant by it. He wrote in his letter to Serre(10.31.1959) that he essentially finished chapter V. I can guess the contents of the other unpublished chapters, by the way.

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I've got good news for you: you can actually read an online version of fragments of EGA V !

In the 1990's Piotr Blass, Joseph Blass and Stan Klas wrote articles giving their translation and interpretation of Grothendieck's prenotes of part V of EGA.
They were published in Ulam Quarterly, a short-lived e-journal.
Here is a link from which you can donload all the articles of the journal.
And here is a page from which you can download all of EGA V as a PDF: look at the section "Links to EGA", last item before last.

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That's great. So I guess he meant, by elementary procedures for construction of schemes, hyperplane sections and conic projections. – Makoto Kato Nov 19 '12 at 18:31

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