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I have small problem that could be solved with a mathematical calc, but I don't know how.

I have six variables String , and I must find all the combination between them.

Obvisually , in every combination, the same string can't appear!


In these example, I tried to find the combinations for the first column. i don't know if it's right.

white, yellow , red, black, blue

 white, yellow
 white, yellow , red
 white, yellow , red,black,
 white, yellow , red,black, blue, 
 white, red, black, blue
 white, black , blue
 white, blue 
 white black, 

... and so on...

How can i have a algorithm to calc this stuff?

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Possible duplicate:… – Julian Kuelshammer Nov 7 '12 at 16:14

If you don't care in which order the colors appear, then each color can either be part of a subset, or not.

This gives $2^6$ subsets, but it includes the empty set, which may not be interesting for you.

Take it out to get

$$ 2^6-1=63 $$

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