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First of all i am new to Matlab, and not sure whether to use polyfit or something else for my problem.

I plotted a graph with the following matlab code:

 for $i=(n-1):-1:1 
 g=g.*u+x(i)  end

Now my question is: plot the figure with polynomial fit of polynomial degree 2.
How should i do this?

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for the coefficients of the polyfit function how I can change the format of this coefficients to the long? Plz help me as soon. – user83693 Jun 24 '13 at 14:20
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So you want to fit y as a function of t, right? Use

p = polyfit(t,y,2);

fit = polyval(p,t);


The first line is the built-in polynomial fit function. The number 2 is the degree which you specify and it returns the coefficients of the polynomial in p. Note degree 2 means three coefficients. The second line then evaluates the polynomial using the coefficients in p. And then the third, plots them all together.

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thank you, since you are familiar with math lab, could you answer this question too? Thanks… – ASROMA Nov 4 '12 at 0:43

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