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Really it's only one question and you have to use it to answer both of my question, kk? Use the following statement/question/information, whatever you want to call it to answer the two questions below: A figure is located entirely in quadrant III. If it is reflected in the identified axis, in which quadrant will the new figure be located? Make sure to say this so I know the answer to each one: answer=(whatever the answer is). Thanks!

1: x-axis

2: y-axis

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A reflection on the $x$-axis is a mapping of the form $(x,\ y)\mapsto (x,\ -y)$.

A reflection on the $y$-axis is a mapping of the form $(x,\ y)\mapsto (-x,\ y)$.

Each pair of signs in $(x,\ y)$ determines a quadrant. If your figure starts in quadrant three, then each point of the figure has the sign pattern $(-,\ -)$. What will the corresponding reflections take the figure to?

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Thank you so much, I appreciate it! –  Tamara Jones Oct 24 '12 at 0:29
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