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i meet following problem and want to clarify it's statement.problem is following

to reproduce an old photograph,a photographer charges x dollars to make a negative.$3x/5$ dollars for each of first $10$ prints and $x/5$ dollars for each print in excess of $10$ prints.if $45$ is the total charge to make a negative and 20 prints from an old photograph,what is the value of $x$? I don't understand one thing, if it takes $3x/5$ dollar for each of first $10$ prints,then it will take $10*3*x/5$ or $6*x$ dollar right? but what does mean in excess of $10$?if it is additional printing, and because we have $10+10=20$ and also total number of charge to make negative,we may would have $6*x+2*x=45$ or $8x=45$ so $x=5.625$ but in answers list there is only value $5$,maybe i misunderstand problem,so please help

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I've removed algebra tag, since we don't use algebra tag anymore, see meta for details. – Martin Sleziak Oct 19 '12 at 13:55
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You only missed the negative, what costs $x$. So we have $$x+6x+2x=45$$

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so it means that $x=5$? aaa yes it is because of translation problem from english,thanks a lot of – dato datuashvili Oct 16 '12 at 19:53

The mistake was that you missed the negative one i.e. $8x+x=45 \Rightarrow 9x=45 \Rightarrow x=5$.

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