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Do you know of any pretty well known graph parameters which are equal for all small graphs (for $|G|$ small)? That is, there exist two parameters $a(G)$ and $b(G)$ such that $a(G) = b(G)$ for all graphs with $|G|$ at most $k$, where I will require $k$ to be at least 4 to make things somewhat interesting.

I added "pretty well known" to eliminate defining a new graph parameter trivially to make it work, e.g., let $a(G) = \chi(G)$ for all graphs with $|G| \leq 1000$ and let $a(G) = \pi$ for all graphs with $|G| > 1000$.

The more well known the parameters, and the larger the value of $k$, the better the example!

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$\alpha(G) = \chi(\bar{G})$ for all graphs with $|G| \leq 4$. The first counterexample is the $5$-cycle, and this is the unique counterexample of order $5$. For all orders greater than 5, there are counterexamples. Or, taking the complement of the graphs in both sides gives $\omega(G) = \chi(G)$. These two examples are thus equivalent.

Here, $\alpha(G)$ is the independence number, $\omega(G)$ is the clique number, and $\chi(G)$ is the chromatic number. This, has to do with perfect graphs.

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