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Is there any way I can break and get back to the prompt in MAGMA when MAGMA is spending forever doing some computation? I don't wan't to Ctrl-D, because then I will lose all sorts of stored variables, and will have to start all over...

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As said above, Ctr+C sometimes works, but if you press it twice it will kill MAGMA (but not always immediately!).

This is one of the big problems of MAGMA. I often build a basic counter into extensive calculations (if possible), to enable me to ascertain how far through the calculations MAGMA has gone (to save terminating a process if it is just about to finish). However, the feasibility of this will depend on the nature of the calculations you are performing.

Another useful tool if you are accessing MAGMA remotely (say through an SSH client), is to use screen mode. This enables you to disconnect the calculations from your computer, whilst allowing them to continue in the background.

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Ctrl + C works sometimes, but not always.

Edit: But be careful not to press this combination twice, I think that will kill MAGMA just like Ctrl+D....

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