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Wikipedia tells me about Max Noether's $AF + BG$ theorem but only gives one reference and one external link. I've had a look at the MathWorld link but it seems to be an entirely geometric formulation which I'm not even sure is the same theorem. Does anyone know where I can find an algebraic statement of the theorem, together with a proof? I've tried searching online but the name of the theorem is somewhat unfortunate...

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You can find it in Fulton's wonderful book - algebraic curves, available online here: page 61 (page 69 in the above file).

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Thank you, but I was hoping for a non-geometric proof purely in terms of polynomial manipulations / commutative algebra. I'll have a look anyway, but I'll have to familiarise myself with the notation and the geometry... – Zhen Lin Feb 6 '11 at 10:24

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