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Mathematical formulae are very poor in services such as Windows Word, Keynote, Pages -- or many times totally missing, not to speak about compability -problems. So how can I create and add formulae to such services in iPad?

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I answer here about this case, to keep this question here more focused.

I have probably tested now all apps and -- the only apps I can recommend are MathBot and TeX Equation. Unfortunately, the TeX Equation has a small bug as can be seen in the examples. Below you can see how poorer products such as TeXit work. The worst case is with Equations -app, the one above TeXit in the photo.

enter image description here

MathJax VS TeX Equation

There is bug currently in TeX equation that we are trying to resolve here. When this bug is resolved, I can happily recommend TeX Equation.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Sorry about the bug in one of the pictures, it is a bug with ProCreate -- I filled it here.

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