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I'm looking for a survey of methods to solve Laplace equation in two dimensions.

Is there a book describing them with hints regarding their applicability for various cases?

I mean analytical methods, not numerics.

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Since Community bumped the question, I might as well put something relevant here. My reaction to seeing "two dimensions" and "Laplace equation" in the same sentence is "ooh, I can use conformal maps to do that". The idea is that since the Laplace equation is invariant under conformal maps, we can transform our boundary value problem into a BVP on a nicer domain, a disk or a halfplane. This works very well for the Dirichlet problem; for the Neumann problem the boundary conditions must be multiplied by the derivative of the conformal map, which makes life a bit harder.

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Here, I am giving you a link. See the file. You will get some hint.


  1. Schaum's Series - Laplace Transformation
  2. Laplace Transforms for Electronic Engineers by JAMES G. HOLBROOK
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Books on Laplace Transforms will likely not give too much information on solving the Laplace equation. – icurays1 Jan 25 '13 at 1:09

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